Plug In EV Sales Up 84% in 2013 – Almost 100,000 !

Plug In EV Sales Up 84% in 2013 – Almost 100,000 !


3 thoughts on “Plug In EV Sales Up 84% in 2013 – Almost 100,000 !

  1. Hi, I’m glad to see this forum, as a place for Boulder-area EV owners to connect. Thank you dulchino for starting this!

    Beware, if you own a 2013 LEAF, you cannot charge at the South Boulder Recreation Center. The charging station and the car don’t recognize each other, or something. After months of making phone calls to the City of Boulder, Nissan, and Eaton, the company that makes the charging station, I was told that the charging station couldn’t not be updated. So hopefully the City will see fit to update these stations, and hopefully increase the number of them. Today there were two Volts charging, and I couldn’t have charged if I wanted to.

    I really wish that more local businesses would provide reasonably-priced charging stations for their customers. Why don’t King Soopers, Whole Foods, and other seemingly-progressive companies offer charging stations at their stores? I don’t think anyone in the long run would expect free charging, but to be able to charge at a reasonable cost would be very attractive to EV drivers. The local Walgreens have charging stations, and they used to be free, but now they are all part of a network that charges per kilowatt hour. Which is fine, except I tried it out with my credit card once, and they charge 49 cents per kilowatt hour! That is ridiculous, and no one will want to charge there. I called Chargepoint, and asked them, if I got one of their cards, if the cost was less, and they said no. So Walgreens is shooting themselves in the foot, and will get no one using their chargers unless it is an emergency like it was for me once. Anyone know any big-wigs at Walgreens, that we could complain?

    If EVs are going to become widely used, there needs to be reasonably-priced charging stations throughout the area, with technology that works. I, for one, will not be driving around Boulder anymore wondering where I can charge my car. I will make sure it is charged when I leave home.

    Steven Bortz

  2. Thanks Steve. A couple tips – the parking garage at 14th and Pearl has one station – free to use, but it’s paid parking during weekdays. also a couple slots at Alfalfa’s at Arapahoe and Broadway. they are heavily used but tend to free up quickly. Joe Castro at City of Boulder tells me replacement units at South Boulder will each have two outlets, so will be room for four cars. As an owner for two years, I have experienced growing demand for stations where i used to be the only user. One objective for EVOCOLO is to capture some reasonable forecasts of demand, as well as publishing research on how companies benefit from enabling EV owners to park at their places of business. Stay tuned – thanks for joining.

    • Thank you Don for the info. Yesterday we parked at the Louisville Public Libarary to watch a movie, and I tried out the ChargePoint system there in their parking garage. It is $1 per hour, which, with a 6.6 kW charger, figures out to be about 15 cents per kilowatt hour. This is entirely reasonable. Although I had to call in with a credit card number, I am inspired to join the ChargePoint system and get one of their cards for me and my wife, so we can charge whereever we might need to. I liked that this location told me exactly how much per hour I would pay. (as opposed to the Walgreens chargers where absolutely no info is given). Also, it appears that some locations like Walgreens charge by the kilowatt hour, and some locations charge by the hour. Anyway, I hope that the City of Boulder comes up with a system like ChargePoint that is easy to use and reasonably priced, and transparent. This is what will spur more EV owners to charge other places besides home, and encourage more use of EVs.

      Your comment above about businesses benefiting from providing charging stations makes me wonder, how can the EV community petition local businesses to provide charging stations, besides contacting them directly? I work at Whole Foods Market, and will ask the person I know in the company who works on these kinds of projects, why Whole Foods Market doesn’t ;have charging stations.


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