Activity 2 – Drive Electric Week – Event in Boulder

Wanted to let everyone know about the Boulder event. There are events also in Denver, Highlands Ranch, C Springs and Longmont. I will post more as soon as i have details. the details for Boulder are in the attached flyer

Driving Change flyer Boulder

the event will be Wednesday September 17, from 4 – 7:00 pm, co-located with the Boulder Farmers’ Market. This is a great opportunity to get the word out, and I will be handing out EVOC literature, showing off my Volt (35,000 miles, 175 mpg), and generally helping out.

Local EV owners are welcome to help out by just parking their vehicles for a couple hours and answering questions about your experience. As an incentive, I’m buying dinner at one of the food stands for any who can help out. Please let me know soon if it’s at least an option for you.

There will be a similar offer to show vehicles at other statewide events, as soon as I know details.



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