Reminder – Post Your Charging Station Location Ideas Here !

in the meantime, here’s recent data. still time for EV sales to double again this year as they did last year.


4 thoughts on “Reminder – Post Your Charging Station Location Ideas Here !

  1. Most demand I’ve seen is at level 1 EVSEs at DIA close in parking, they are full most of the time. More of those than 5 per side (10 total) would lessen people’s anxiety about taking their EV to the airport. and Level 1’s are pretty inexpensive and make sense for airports. Combined Level 3 units (Chademo and CCS) at Silverthorne would be good – that’s where the Tesla Supercharger is

  2. Not combining the EV and handicapped spaces at DCPA — at least 1/2 the time I parked at the denver center, 99% of the handicapped spaces would be empty but a handicapped driver would park in one of the EV spaces (political statement?)

  3. Thanks Don, agree with those comments – Canopy off site at DIA also has stations that are full most of the time. i hear they got grants to do a few more. Re: DCPA, the space used to be marked EV “or” Handicapped, and now just EV. not sure how recent you’ve been there Ken, but they added a Level 3 as well. But again, these and Denver Library are usually full during the week. All the early adopters are prime candidates to add more !

  4. We need charging stations that get us EVers to, and from, outdoor recreation areas in the mountains — beyond just along I-70! Create charging corridors along Rte. 34, Rte. 14, Rte. 119, Rte. 285, Rte. 24, Rte. 165, that get us to hiking/camping/skiing/hunting/biking/backpacking opportunities and back to the urban areas, meaning Fort Collins, Loveland, Boulder, Denver, Colorado Springs, Pueblo. Put charging stations at county, state and national parks, at USFS camping areas, at ski areas, at trail heads, at convenience stations along the roads mentioned above. Please! I really don’t need a charging station at every Walgreens on the Front Range. I want charging stations that get me to, and from, places I otherwise can’t get in my 2014 Nissan LEAF, which, BTW, is my ONLY car.

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