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Growing numbers of people are buying electric vehicles; to save money, to save the environment, to drive a cool car. But in Colorado, there is a surprising lack of EVSE, Electric Vehicle Supply Equipment – or charging stations – out in the community. Many of us charge at home, overnight, and can do our daily commuting without another charge, or switching to our gas back up. But if we want to travel up and down the front range, charge the car while visiting LoDo, or the Air Force Academy, or the New Belgium brewery, there’s no place to recharge for the journey home. Why are our cities, our state, not supporting this EVSE infrastructure? Why are parking garage, shopping center, entertainment venue owners not stepping up to encourage these potential customers?

The goal of this site is to be a gathering place for EV owners in order to speak with one, growing voice to urge the larger community to support the investments of EV owners in their cars and their futures.  Please join by responding to the contact below, with a message containing your name and the town where you live.  Your email WILL NOT be shared; we will communicate only that EV owners from yours and other communities are lending their support to our efforts.

Thanks and welcome !

Don Dulchinos




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