Activity Update – 1

EVOC recently wrote a recommendation in support of a grant applications for charging stations by UCAR, the Universities Corporation for Atmospheric Research, which operates several national laboratory campuses and has a company-wide commitment to sustainability. Our letter:

EV Owners of Colorado, an association of some of the hundreds of electric vehicle owners in Colorado, enthusiastically endorses the UCAR application for a Charge Ahead Colorado grant.

We represent actual EV drivers in this state, and can speak for the varied benefits of these grants. EV infrastructure complements and spurs the much larger investments in sustainability represented by electric vehicle purchases. Further, such investments in EV infrastructure encourage the growth of the EV market, with the benefits to all Colorado residents of cleaner air, a growing clean energy industry, and reduced dependence on oil.

UCAR’s particular grant supports both kinds of benefits. Our members represent the type of employees who will utilize charging stations on a daily basis, with cumulative reductions in air pollution and greenhouse gases.

A UCAR grant also will support the larger societal benefits of electric vehicles. This support will come through their unique role as a research and public education organization. Not only will business visitors to the campuses be exposed to the opportunities presented by EVs, but the thousands of student and tourist visitors to the 24×7 visitor center also will be educated, inspired and equipped to carry the message out into their communities.

We are pleased to see UCAR’s leadership in this important work, and wholeheartedly support this proposal.

Don Dulchinos, President
EV Owners of Colorado


Drive Electric Day Coming Week of September 16

There will be EV events as part of Drive Electric Week in Denver, Colorado Springs, Golden, Longmont and Boulder (so far). When I have definite dates, hopefully this week, I will be asking for volunteers to spend a little time supporting the goals of EVOC. I can also connect you to the event planners if you’d like to take a bigger role or just show off your ride!

Boulder Progress

Happy to report the Boulder municipal garage spot I mentioned below is now up and running, and is also free to use for the rest of the year (parking fees separate). Joe Castro, Boulder’s fleet manager, says more stations are on the way, including solar-powered units near the library and in the muni lot at Spruce and Broadway. Kudos!

Boulder Has Its Own Climate Change Office…

It could spend a little to incent a lot of people to spend money on electric vehicles. 

Here’s the promise: 40 stations in 2012 !!

Here’s the situation a year and a half later: 13 stations, of which about 5 are available to the public, and only 3 working (see the photo)


Kudos to Jared Polis for bringing grants to Colorado, to Joe Castro for taking on the heavy lifting of grant management, but… surely we could do better.


Proud Boulder Resident